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Cristina Faramo was born in Catania, Sicily. On completion of her artistic studies she graduated at “Accademia di Belle Arti”. Afterwards she continued studying photography travelling between Italy and America. Her work has been exhibited in festivals and published world wide in magazines such as Stern, Vision, Burn, Rolling Stone. In 2009 her personal research project that explores the intensity of human relationships "In The Mood For Love" was nominated as a finalist for the "Emerging Photographer Fund 2009" by The Magnum Cultural Foundation.

Her photographic research is expressed in the attempt to observe reality with ever new eyes capable of transferring the observer to a more intimate and evocative level of reality. Her images are born from the need to see the world in a different way, looking for the most intimate part of things, she follows light, colour and movement in a very instinctive way in order to be lead into an evocative and mysterious reality.


September 2018 - Collective exibition, “18 Esplorazioni”. Égliselab. Palermo, Italy.

May 2015 - Leica Blog, Volcanic Island.

April 2015 - Ballad of Magazine, "Wait".

Dec 2014 - "OFF the wall" cultures photo magazine. Paris.

May 2014 - Musikexpress, Rolling Stone Berlin "The Roots".

May 2012 - "9/11 Tribute Campaign". New York. US.

February 2011 - PRAWMAGAZINE. Italy

2010 - BURN MAGAZINE published "In The Mood For Love".

January 2010 - PRAWMAGAZINE. Italy

August 2009 - STERN published "In The Mood For Love", Germany.

October 2009 - VISION Magazine published "In The Mood For Love", China.

October 2009 - Selected to photograph film of award winning film maker Vincenzo Cosentino "Cusenza".

May 2009 - "In The Mood For Love", was presented at the Look3 Festival. Virginia, US.

May 2009 - "In The Mood For Love", was nominated as a finalist for the "Emerging Photographer Fund 2009" by the Magnum Cultural foundation.

March 2009 - VISION Magazine published "Time In Prison", China.

February 2009 - Burn Magazine published "Shower".

January 2008 - Photo District News Photo Feed.

January 2008 - "Time In Prison", essay was nominated as a finalist for "Emerging Photographer Fund 2008" by the Magnum Cultural Foundation.

November 2008 - 37th frame published "Time In Prison".

June 2008 - "Lui & Lei", presented at the opening of Look3 Photo Festival . Virginia, US.